We know that crime is hyper-local. By focusing on one predominant type of crime in a given area, CSS crafts targeted, hyper-local campaigns that educate and engage community members. Through the strategic use of social media and online platforms, our solution offers actionable tips and insights, empowering residents to actively participate in preventing themselves from becoming a victim of crime. This tool is a game-changer for police chiefs, mayors, and city council members, providing a proactive approach to enhance public safety and foster community trust

Targeted Crime Prevention

Concentrates on the most prevalent crime in each neighborhood and area, ensuring relevance and impact

Data-Driven Strategies

Utilizes real-time crime data to inform campaign strategies, enhancing effectiveness and efficiency

Hyper-Local Campaigns

Tailors information and tips to the specific needs and characteristics of each neighborhood and area.

Community Empowerment

Educates and empowers residents with practical tips to prevent crime, enhancing community safety

Proven Model

The model has been successfully implemented and tested in a major city, demonstrating tangible results in crime reduction

Benchmarking Success

Provides benchmark data to community members to compare performance across different neighborhoods inspiring areas to learn from and emulate successful strategies

Maximizing Limited Resources

Streamlines and automates many essential crime reduction functions, allowing law enforcement and to allocate their limited resources more effectively and efficiently.