Putting Responders First

Our commitment isn't just to technology; it's to the people who rely on it - Public Safety First Responders. We use AI to support, acknowledge, and assist them by reducing administrative activities,  evaluating performance, identifying strengths, and discovering coaching opportunities.

Law Enforcement

BluAssist - eliminate the many hours of time wasted each week having Field Supervisors and Administration gather, organize and evaluate BWC video; BluAssist auto transcribes, tags speakers, provides search and alerting and offers an AI-assistant to help evaluate body cam video and combine it with CAD data. Automates feedback on strengths and coaching opportunities and saves it all for training and reviews.

9-1-1 Emergency Communications

CommsCoach - automate the QAQI and evaluation functions of your center for CTOs, Supervisors and QA Managers. CommsCoach combines 9-1-1 Audio, Radio, and CAD automatically and performs AI-assisted Quality Assurance Evaluations.  Deliver Highlight Reels with trainer feedback directly to center staff via email, saved for future coaching and training content.

Community Safety

Community Safety Solutions -  an innovative and proven crime prevention tool designed to strengthen the safety of your community - and actually reduce crime. The software empowers community members to protect themselves and their neighbors from becoming crime victims. Ideal for city leaders, police chiefs, and council members.

Why GovWorks

Innovating for the Future of Public Safety

With more than 20 years of experience developing and delivering mission critical software to first responders, our team's passion and commitment is to help Public Safety supervisors prepare their teams with a technology assist.

The Ultimate Package for Public Safety Supervisors

Affordable, Secure, Saves Time and Resources

Time Saving Technology

Automation of BWC audits, supervisory review and 911 evaluations drastically reduces manual workloads, giving supervisors more time for critical tasks

Consistent Evaluations

Ensure uniformity and equity in reviews and evaluations, tracking and maintaining consistency across the department

Spotlighting Excellence

Highlight positive interactions and superior evaluations of call takers and officers, boosting morale and fostering a culture of recognition and excellence

Efficiency Booster

Cut out the manual effort of collecting, organizing and listening to hours of random video or audio with your attention going to only those that you've deemed important.

Simplified Onboarding

A system built to save you time should not take weeks or months to setup. Choose from our library of evaluations or tailor and create you own.

Training and Improvement

Analyzing recordings of professionals whose every action is scrutinized provides supervisors and trainers with a unique opportunity to evaluate performance, identify strengths, and uncover coaching opportunities.