9-1-1 ECC


Whether you have a formal QA program, random supervisory review of calls, or search through hours of audio and CAD data for training content, CommsCoach uses an AI assistant to automate the entire process.

Automated Evaluations

Harnessing the power of AI, evaluate  9-1-1 calls and radio transmissions for protocol and policy adherence or any criteria you want the system to use.

Transcription & Keyword Alerts

Turn call audio into actionable, searchable text. Customize keyword alerts to swiftly pinpoint key incidents or training opportunities.

Targeted Reviews

Choose which types of calls to review based on content or data from CAD. Set up notifications and automatic delivery of certain calls to a review queue where the system has already processed the calls.

Integrated CAD Data

By collating multiple data sources, CommsCoach offers near real-time evaluations that align with your ECC's protocols and best practices.

Time Efficient

Dramatically cut down the hours Trainers and QA Professionals invest in the collection and manual review of calls and CAD.

Reporting and Metrics

Automatic creation of evaluation reports, dashboards by type and metrics for teams and shifts.  

Find Strengths and Coaching Opportunities

Record feedback and package with the audio clips to create highlight reels that are sent directly to call takers and dispatchers within hours of the event occuring